263 Exceptional wrought iron master chest... - Lot 263 - Magnin Wedry

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263 Exceptional wrought iron master chest... - Lot 263 - Magnin Wedry
263 Exceptional wrought iron master chest Finely chiselled and embossed decoration of foliage, spandrels and openwork cabochons. It has on each side very finely chiselled carrying handles. The lock entrance, located on the lid, is hidden by a statuette in bronze of a reclining lion, which used to open by a secret mechanism, now inoperative. Inside the lid, an openwork plate engraved with motifs in the spirit of BÉRAIN conceals an extraordinary lock comprising no less than 22 bolts, with numerous pulls and references. It is operated by a key decorated with a fleur-de-lys and foliage, which is inserted into an openwork turret, these two elements alone being true masterpieces of ironwork. The whole works perfectly. STRASBOURG circa 1730/1740 Length: 82 cm Depth: 45 cm Height: 46 cm Exceptional state of preservation. Key reproduced on the back cover. Provenance : BOUCAUD gallery, 1986. This type of chest, comprising a complex lock whose keyholder had to present the blueprint to the masters of the corporation for approval, was the masterpiece requested for the accession to the master's degree. On our copy, the presence of the hallmark of the guild: arms of the city flanked by the initials S Z (Schmiede Zunft), attests to the reception of the applicant to the master's degree. Two chests of the same nature are kept in the Rohan Palace in STRASBOURG. Preparatory drawings of locks, countersigned by the masters for acceptance, are kept at the Le Secq des Tournelles Museum in ROUEN. The Michel Rullier collection (sales in Paris 2010 and 2011) included two chests of similar manufacture, not located but certainly of the same origin.
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